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SKILL LEVEL: All-Madden- Quarter Length: 7 Minutes - 15 secs Run off




NANO BLITZING AND POSITIONING PLAYERS- No Nano Blitzes EVER, Big Rule Here. Thats an Exploit and unfair. No Positioning Players, you are only allowed the madden defensive defense plays like shift n moving in. Stuff like that. No manually putting someone closer to the line for a blitz.

4TH DOWN RULE- On 4th down if your past midfield and its 4th and 2 or less you can go for it otherwise you must punt it. *Also once a drive unless 4th quarter down 7 or more*

*If you are down by less than 7 points and its 5 min left in the 4th you must punt if not past midfield with the 4th and 2 or less scenario. If it's 4:59 left or under it's your choice from anywhere*

*This rule does not apply when its the 4th quarter and your down by 10 or more.

Screen Passes, Wildcat, Bronco Heavy and Direct Snaps- Combined Should be limited to 5 times a game. Choose Wisely!!!

Motioning Players- If the play already calls for a player to motion that is fine but when you manually motion a player, you must wait to call hike when the player clears the Left Tackle or the Right Tackle.

No Huddle - Don't do it constantly unless its n the 2nd and 4th quarter. If you do no huddle try limit it to 2-3 times unless again 2nd or 4th quarter at the closing minutes.

Usering A Player - You can only user one player, don't move others into a better position because that is slightly nanoing. You can move your one player around but keep it to a limited area. Say you are the should only move him up to the middle linebacker, not past him to get closer to the line. If the safety has to blitz...let the cpu do it.

Disconnection- No pulling the plug or disconnecting. Don't get frustrated its a league. Continuous disconnection will lead to a warning and eventually being booted.

*If you Disconnect down 20 Points at anytime in the game the user playing has the option to play cpu*

Quitting- I know it is frustrating to lose but sometimes you just got to gut it out. No one is judging but if you happen to quit although I don't encourage it, after halftime would be more appropriate. Quitting before just creates problems and if you build up a reputation of will be warned and then booted.

Onside kicks- should be only used when down in the 4th quarter. Or if you down by 20 in the 3rd you can.

fake punts and field goals- should be limited to 1 per game.

Audibles- I have no problem with changing your play but It is sometime fishy when you audible and motion your players a lot. You might just be trying to exploit the AI which isn't fair to the other player. Also at no time when audibiling should you have a player like the WR in the RB spot or TE Spot. You know what I am saying. The WR can be in the RB spot only for a Wildcat play.

Slot WR- You shouldn't be putting your top two overall receivers at slot receiver. Your 3rd best receiver or 4th, 5th etc.... can be in the slot. Many people were upset for seeing say Randy Moss or Steve Smith (Panthers one) in the slot. It creates mismatches and even if you change the defensive alignments, that messes up sometimes. The fair thing is to use common sense.

2 point conversion- should be known when to use it. Like to tie a game, take a 3 or 7 point advantage. That kind of stuff. No need to unnecessarily go for a 2 point conversion. You should know when to.

Running up the score- honestly it stinks to be on the other side of the brutal rape for better words but sometimes it happens. So its not a rule thats going to be enforced but you should restrict yourselves from doing especially to pad stats. I mean if I see people doing lots of it and scoring unnecessary touchdowns late then it will be enforced.

Mix Up Plays- Run different plays and don't do the same over n over.

Linedrive punts- are legal but should not be abused.

Jersey's- Home team is allowed to pick whatever except a White jersey, Away team must be their Away Jersey


QB: Must play QB
RB: Only Can Play FB If Run Block Strength is 65 or better, Cannot be WR unless you only have 4 WRs n U Run An Empty Backfield
FB: Only should be a Fullback but can play TE as a 3rd option
WR: Must play WR
TE: TE or WR and Also Could Play FB if Run Block Strength is 65 Or Better
OL: Interchangeable
DE: May play DT
DT: May play DE
LB: May play MLB, ROLB, or LOLB (Only 1 LB Can Play DE)
CB: May play CB or 1 can play Safety
FS: May Play SS
SS: May Play FS, (1 Can Play LB)
K/P: Interchangeable
KR: Whoever you want
PR: Whoever you want

RB's can be motioned to WR. A RB can NOT be on the depth chart as a WR, unless in-game injuries force your WR group to less than 4. Don't abuse motioning RB's either, 1-4 times is suitable enough.

Trade Rules

TRADE RULES- There is no limit of Trades per season. You are allowed to Trade Draft Picks at the end of the playoffs and you are responsible for showing up at the end of the season draft.

*Limit of 12 Draft Picks

*Only Allowed To Trade Draft Picks In The Offseason

When you trade Trade picks Please Write This in Draft Pick Trade thread

(Team Getting The Pick) Obtained the (pick Round) of the (Team Trading The Pick)

FREE AGENT RULES- Season 1 we tried a free agent draft which I consider a fail.....Next season I am inputing a rule where you can obtain the rights of the players you released for the rookie draft. Only because I realize after the 4th round or maybe 5th you basically get players who would never see the field. Since there is no salary cap and contracts free agency makes no sense.

You will have 30 minutes after the draft to re-acquire the players you wish to take back. After the 45 minutes is up. All remaining free agents will be up for grabs to anyone.

Also as usual Free Agency is open anytime but the 30 minutes after the rookie draft. There is no bidding on free agents and what not.

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