Suggestion: Motion players to be an extra blocker

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Suggestion: Motion players to be an extra blocker

Post by KDog13 on Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:00 am

Yes: Get Rid of it
No: Keep it

Just wondering how everyone feels bout this. It kinda exploits the AI in my opinion. If anything it should be banned or limited. For Example moving a tight end or wide receiver in between the tackles and calling hike. It picks up an extra block in the middle and clears the way for a 5 to larger gain. Especially when it's done many times it is un-sim in my eyes.

Motioning a guy to another side is fine, just not calling hike while there in the middle of the o line is my issue. I'd rather them being set before hiking personally.

Vote up!!

75% requirement to change it as well as a minimum of 10 votes

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