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a little to late

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a little to late Empty a little to late

Post by Burden on Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:07 pm

HELLPPPP!!!!!!!!! ive been playin madden for a while now and i just recently started playin online.... there i saw the greatest thing since sliced bread, an online franchise. so like a little kid i joined as many as i could right away and played all 5 that day.... and waited ..... and waited ..... and waited..... and nothing. all the franchises i joined never went any where. so im here i am looking for a franchise that actually have people playin in it. so if u kno0w any or if any drop a player let me know what teams are available. im open to playing with new teams .... i prefer the vikings (been a fan since 98 and hate the fact that brett is now a viking) but am definitly willing to play with another team or fantasy draft.


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