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Check your stats on EA Site with Firefox Mozilla

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Check your stats on EA Site with Firefox Mozilla Empty Check your stats on EA Site with Firefox Mozilla

Post by kevinmack on Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:50 pm

There is a script addon for Firefox that integrates team and player
stats into EA Sports Franchise website. Very cool, basically it does
what league daddy does but it doesn't rely on people entering there own
stats. What you will need:

Firefox web browser
Greasemonkey Addon (allows custom user scripts)
Team Stats - User Script

you will probably have to do a fix
to the script (I did), from the author:
"Some people experience
problems for ps3 league so you might need to manually change 792A0001 to
791A0001. This can be done by right clicking the monkey (bottom right
corner), choosing manage user scripts, highlighting madden 10 team stats
and then choosing edit. Do a find and replace."

after that just
go to EA Sports Madden Franchise Page and once you get to
the league page you will see a new group of categories at the bottom of
the page, click on each category to expand it and show relevant stats.

stats listed are :
total offensive stats (team)
stats (team)
rushing stats (team)
defensive stats (team)
teams stats (team)
turnover stats (team)
conversion stats (team)
Stats (individual)
RB Stats (individual)
WR Stats (individual)
Player Stats (individual)
KR Stats (individual)
PR Stats
K Stats (individual)
P Stats (individual)
OL Stats


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