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Boot that Cheeseball

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Post by KDog13 on Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:54 am

Yes: Awesome Idea
No: Stupid ass Idea

At the end of the year I'm considering adding a Boot that cheeseball Poll up for everyone in the league. I only suggest this because it will tell me who cheeses and who doesn't. Who throws game and who doesn't. Who is a crackhead/methhead and who is not.

The sole purpose of this idea is to see who is the real sim players here, so I can build a core of guys that will play madden. People who play Fair, Fun, and for the Fucking Super Bowl.

*No hard feeling to anyone here but it's not always easy to see who is sim and not but I am pretty sure this idea will help uncover it. I am not sure yet what the requirements to get someone booted but it will be a number out of how many in the league.*

It's pretty obvious someone cheats if they get 20 votes or something so......keep in mind everyone isn't safe except me cheers

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