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Post by stix101 on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:53 am

The Buccs are shopping Beanie HB 88 overall. what i need in return is FS, SS or a 1st rounder

89 SPD (Speed)
80 STR (Strength)
89 AGI (Agility)
89 ACC (Acceleration)
72 AWR (Awareness)
98 TRK (Trucking)
79 ELU (Elusiveness)
89 BCV (Ball Carrier Vision)
99 SFA (Stiff Arm)
79 SPM (Spin Move)
85 JKM (Juke Move)
93 CAR (Carrying)
88 STA (Stamina)
87 INJ (Injury)


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Beanie Wells Empty Re: Beanie Wells

Post by GQSmoos on Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:39 am

I'm not sure what it is you're looking for in a Safety, but I'd be willing to give you Roman Harper.


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