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Detroit Trade Block

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Detroit Trade Block Empty Detroit Trade Block

Post by delmasthebeast on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:08 am

WR-A.Boldin,Ovr91,PotA,Age31- One of the top WR's in the league looking to package him for another WR mid 80's and a 70's cb
QB- K. Kolb, Ovr 80,Pot A, Age 27- young A potential QB
LB- P.Haralson, Ovr 78, Pot B, Age 27- 79 speed and with 89 acceleratrion
DT- J. Henderson, Ovr 75, Pot B, Age 32- good for stopping the run
DE- D. Te'o-Nesheim, Ovr73, Pot B, Age 25- 2nd year, young left defensive end
SS- B.Church, Ovr 72, Pot B, Age 23- Good young SS with good potential.
LB- P. Angerer, Ovr 71, Pot B, Age 24- good young middle linebacker with B potential
WR- S. Williams, Ovr 69, Pot B, Age 25- young B potential wide reciever, 6'5" and 88 speed
RE- L. Hart, Ovr 64, Pot C, Age 24- Fast DE has 84 spd and 95 acc.
QB- J. Snead, Ovr 62, Pot B, Age 24- 94 TP, with 72 short, 77 medium, and 74 deep ball as a second year player
WR- D. Dickerson, Ovr 61, Pot B, Age 23- young fast wide reciever, with good pontential
LB- J Senn, Ovr 60, Pot C. Age 27- 83 speed, 86 acceleration, and 88 pursuit

other players are availble to such as: Boldin (91), Tatupu(87), Big Ben(89), ect... but we would have to see what you are offering.

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