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maxx's 1st round review

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maxx's 1st round review Empty maxx's 1st round review

Post by maxx on Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:04 pm

Take them for what they are, if you dont like em well.... tough $@#@ Smile

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton QB, Auburn
Grade: B
Cam may turn out to be worthy of the top pick but the risk here is high. I think trading out of the top spot would have been the best move.

Denver Broncos – Von Miller OLB, Texas A&M
Grade: A
Von Miller has all the tools, it was him or Dareus at #2 in my book.

Buffalo Bills – Marcell Dareus DT, Alabama
Grade: A
Great overall player, will help Bills stop the run better next season.

Cincinnati Bengals – AJ Green WR, Georgia
Grade: A
Green is the top WR this year and will make an impact right out of the box for the Bengals

Arizona Cardinals – Patrick Peterson CB, LSU
Grade: A+
Taking Peterson and avoiding the temptation to draft a QB here was the right pick. Great value for a premium position.

Atlanta Falcons (from Browns) – Julio Jones WR, Alabama
Grade: B
Jones at the 7 pick is the right pick. The Falcons paid a lot to get him maybe to much. The B grade reflects the high premium paid.

San Francisco 49ers – Aldon Smith OLB, Missouri
Grade: B-
Taking Smith here still has me scratching my head. Coach Maxx's pick here would have been Gabbert. Gabbert and Harbaugh had win written all over it.

Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker QB, Washington
Grade: C
Potential yes, the best pick here no. Especially with Gabbert still on the board.

Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith OT, USC
Grade: B+
Lots of mock drafts had this pick happening. I know Clutch was hoping for Prince but this is not a bad pick here.

Jacksonville Jaguars (from Redskins) – Blaine Gabbert QB, Missouri
Grade: A

Great trade up for Jacksonville. They get their QB of the future and it’s at the right value. Jags take advantage of other GM's draft mistakes.

Houston Texans – JJ Watt DE, Wisconsin
Grade: B
I liked Cameron Jordan or The Prince better, but Watts is still a very good pick and will he help the Texans on D.

Minnesota Vikings – Christian Ponder QB, Florida State
Grade: C-
A really poor pick here by the Vikes. Ponder could turn out to be a very good QB but the smart move here would have been trading down into the 1st round and still picked him. A missed opportunity by the Vikes to get the best bang for their buck.

Detroit Lions – Nick Fairley DT, Auburn
Grade: A+
What can I say. As a long time Lions fan I am smiling from ear to ear.

St. Louis Rams – Robert Quinn DE, North Carolina
Grade: A
Very good value here, Rams are a team heading in the right direction.

Miami Dolphins – Mike Pouncey OG, Florida
Grade: B+
If he is anything like his brother the Phins are set. I would have been tempted to take Ingram in this spot.

Washington Redskins (from Jaguars) – Ryan Kerrigan DE, Purdue
Grade: B
Kerrigan is a solid choice for the Skins.

New England Patriots (from Oakland) – Nate Solder OT, Colorado
Grade: B-
With Anthony Castonzo and Carimi still on the board I am little surprized with this pick.

San Diego Chargers – Corey Liuget DL, Illinois
Grade: B
I really like Liuget and think the Chargers get better at D Line

New York Giants – Prince Amukamara CB, Nebraska
Grade: A
The Prince falling this far is one of the biggest surprizes to me. I think the G Men get a steal here

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn DE, Iowa
Grade: B
Bucs needed a pass rusher and they got one. The condition with his shoulder could be a concern.

Cleveland Browns (from Chiefs) – Phil Taylor DT, Baylor
Grade: B
The Browns get a new plugger in the middle to help fill the hole left behind by Rogers departure

Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Castonzo OT, Boston College
Grade: A
Great news for Peyton, he gets a blindside protector. Castonzo one of the best OL coming out this year

Philadelphia Eagles – Danny Watkins OG, Baylor
Grade: B-
This pick by the Iggles just doent do it for me. Watkins is a solid OL man but I think I would have went a different route here.

New Orleans Saints – Cameron Jordan DE, California
Grade: A+
This is a steal pick in my book. Jordan value is much higher and Da Saints have to be happy.

Seattle Seahawks – James Carpenter OT, Alabama
Grade: D
Really? How the Chawks take Carpenter over Carimi is beyond me

Kansas City Chiefs (from Falcons through Browns) – Jon Baldwin WR, Pittsburgh
Grade: B-
Another pick I just dont know if its the best value on the board. Not bad but just not good either.

Baltimore Ravens – Jimmy Smith CB, Colorado
Grade: A
I really like Smith and think the Ravens end up with a lot of upside.

New Orleans Saints (from New England) – *Mark Ingram RB, Alabama
Grade: A
The Saints get the best RB on the board this late in the round.

Chicago Bears – Gabe Carimi OT, Wisconsin -
Grade: A-
I like Camimi a lot and think he is a excellent pick for the Bears.

New York Jets – Muhammad Wilkerson DL, Temple
Grade: B
Rex Ryan adds some depth to an D that is aready tough

Pittsburgh Steelers – Cameron Heyward DE, Ohio State
Grade: B+
The Steelers’ defensive line is getting older and the Steelers address it with Heyward.

Green Bay Packers – Derek Sherrod OT, Mississippi State
Grade: B+
A lot of ways the Pack could have went here. Sherrod can help keep the heat off Arod, theydo have to face the Lions DLine twice a year....


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