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Denver Trade Block

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Denver Trade Block Empty Denver Trade Block

Post by Peregrinity on Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:25 am

QB- M. Hasselbeck, Ovr 81, Veteran leader, elusive, avoids sacks with ease.
QB- B. Patterson Ovr 73, Young QB, very accurate in the short and medium field, 97 THP
RB- T. Hightower, Ovr 77 RB with great hands, and tough runner with high trucking.
FB- G. Jones, Ovr 84 Good Run blocker
WR- E. Doucet, Ovr 84, Young quick WR with some of the best hands in the game.
LG- E. Steinbach Ovr 85 Very solid lineman
C- N. Mangold Ovr 97 Best center in the game, period.
RG V. Manuwai Ovr 76 Solid starter with 91 strength
RT R. Diem Ovr 79 Excellent blocker
DE K. Golston Ovr 69 Versatile DE, can also play DT.
DE A. Branch Ovr 67 Plays better at DT (mid 70's)
DT S. Rogers Ovr 87 Another powerful DT that will clog up the holes in the trenches
MLB L. Foote Ovr 73 Pretty versatile in the linebacker positions
FS M. Adams Ovr 78 Fast safety with good coverage skills
FS G. Wilson Ovr 75 Very good safety
SS D. Grant Ovr 80 84 speed strong safety, good in coverage


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